Green packaging solutions

Simplepack is leading the way in sustainable practices in the food packaging industry.


Although food packaging has evolved much throughout history, there’s still a long way to go. We are at a tipping point where food packaging supplier practices are no longer sustainable, with non-degradable food packaging polluting the earth.


  • 450

    The number of years for a plastic bottle
    to degrade

  • 5.8

    The billions of tonnes of plastic produced until 2015, only 9% of which was recycled

  • 99

    The percentage of plastics produced from non-renewable chemicals

  • 20

    By 2050, the plastic industry could account for 20% of worldwide oil consumption

Simplepack work to combat these statistics, by offering wholesale eco-friendly food packaging that won’t pollute the planet.

Sustainable materials

Packaging is made from water-based dispersion paperboard material that is plastic free, compostable, and recyclable in compliance with FDA-approved food packaging materials in the USA


Renewable production


Simplepack goes the extra mile by powering all food packaging materials with renewable energy for more sustainable food packaging solutions


Eco-friendly delivery


A comprehensive approach is taken to sustainability from start to finish, with all food packaging containers delivered in eco-friendly recyclable packaging for an even greener solution


Conscious ethos


Simplepack is dedicated to leaving the planet in a better state for future generations to look after, so all products and processes are created with sustainability in mind

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