Innovative Food Packaging

Simplepack offers wholesale eco-friendly food packaging, with sustainability at the heart of everything it does. Using innovative techniques and materials, a variety of containers are produced for restaurant packaging material, schools, hospital cafeterias, and food distributors.


Delivering food safely is not an option, it’s an obligation.

Simplepack offers wholesale eco-friendly food packaging, with sustainability at the heart of everything it does.

Environmentally Friendly

Simplepack uses 100% eco-friendly materials and renewable energy to produce our innovative green food packaging

Excellent Customer Service

Get your questions answered quickly and efficiently with Simplepack’s highly-trained and friendly customer service team.

Trusted and Proven

All packaging maintains hygiene and FDA-approved standards and is trusted by the restaurant and food distribution industry

Strict Production Standards

Made with high-quality ingredients with strict production standards, keeping food sterile from harmful compounds





Green packaging, made simple

Simplepack provides innovative and sustainable food packaging solutions that don’t impact the planet

That means using renewable energy to manufacture its sustainable food packaging, unlike plastic created from non-renewable energy such as natural gas, oil, and coal. By choosing 100% biodegradable paper, Simplepack eliminates the need to use plastic, which is notorious for polluting the earth and its oceans. The statistics speak for themselves, with 14 million tons of plastic ending up in the ocean each year, affecting marine life and, in turn, threatening food safety and quality.

Sustainable solutions that don’t cost the earth

Simplepack provides innovative and sustainable solutions created with the planet's safety in mind. The food industry currently favors plastic or foam packaging, 99% of which is produced using non-renewable resources such as oil, natural gas, and coal. It’s estimated that if this continues, by 2050, the plastic industry could account for 20% of the world’s total oil consumption. Worse still, after creation and use, these same products end up in a landfill where they can take up to 500 years to decompose, further polluting the planet.

Simplepack wants to protect the earth for future generations, aiming to take significant steps forward by producing sustainable food packaging with a far lower ecological impact. Using plastic-free containers and food trays manufactured with renewable energy, Simplepack is a pioneer in the food industry, paving a greener way for sustainable food and beverage packaging.

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